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2017 Race Schedule

2016 Champions

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2016 Points Winners: Juniors Rookie of the Year- Dalton Parreira  1st place- Caeden Steele,  2nd place- Gauge Garcia, 3rd place- Eli Bookout, 4th place- Drew Mowry, 5th place- Dalton Parreira                                                    Class Sponsor- Pacific Ag Rentals Restricted 600- Rookie of the Year- Brandt Twitty,  1st place- Joey Ancona, 2nd place- Brody Fuson,  3rd place- Garth Kasiner,  4th place- Katey Syra,  5th place- Garrett Twitty                                               Class Sponsor- South Valley Electric Non-Wing 600- 1st place- Justyne Hamblin, 2nd place- Ben Worth, 3rd place- TJ Smith, 4th place- Jimmy Leal, 5th place- Danny Valdez Super 600- 1st place- Jake Hagopian,  2nd place- Ben Worth, 3rd place- Tucker Worth, 4th place- Jake Andreotti, 5th place- Paul Javaux  Class Sponsor- Salmon Motorsports and Custom Wings...