2016 Champions

Posted 19 Nov 2016 in Featured News

2016 Points Winners:

Juniors Rookie of the Year- Dalton Parreira  1st place- Caeden Steele,  2nd place- Gauge Garcia, 3rd place- Eli Bookout, 4th place- Drew Mowry, 5th place- Dalton Parreira                                                    Class Sponsor- Pacific Ag Rentals

Restricted 600- Rookie of the Year- Brandt Twitty,  1st place- Joey Ancona, 2nd place- Brody Fuson,  3rd place- Garth Kasiner,  4th place- Katey Syra,  5th place- Garrett Twitty                                               Class Sponsor- South Valley Electric

Non-Wing 600- 1st place- Justyne Hamblin, 2nd place- Ben Worth, 3rd place- TJ Smith, 4th place- Jimmy Leal, 5th place- Danny Valdez

Super 600- 1st place- Jake Hagopian,  2nd place- Ben Worth, 3rd place- Tucker Worth, 4th place- Jake Andreotti, 5th place- Paul Javaux  Class Sponsor- Salmon Motorsports and Custom Wings

Award Recipients will be honored on the track at the conclusion of each classes main event at the final night of the Turkey Night race TONIGHT!!!!

Congratulations winners and your crew! Thank you for a great season.


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