Press Release…. Win, Place, Show bonus money!!!

Posted 24 Apr 2017 in Featured News

MRP introduces the Win, Place, Show Bonus beginning this week at Keller Auto Raceway at Plaza Park.  Win, Place, Show is Horse Racing terminology that simply stated means, 1st (Win) , 2nd (Place) , and 3rd (Show).  Along with MRP, Driven Performance (D1 Chassis) has helped sponsor the Bonus Program for this weekend.  We intend to carry the bonus over to all races this season.

 Bonus applies to the NW 600 and Super 600 only.  If you WIN at Plaza, and WIN in Lemoore on Saturday you will be paid $300 bonus.  If you WIN and PLACE at both tracks you will earn a $200 bonus.  If you WIN, PLACE, OR SHOW both nights, you will earn a $100 bonus.  Six drivers will qualify for this Bonus program….

Also added to the Kelller Auto Raceway purse will be Heat Race money.  MRP will pay Heat Race winners $25 in ALL CLASSES.  The following race at Plaza Park (May 19th) if you win a heat race again you will be paid $50.  Three in a row $75.  As you can see $25 is added with each consecutive HEAT race win.

We hope to see all of you this Friday at Keller Auto Raceway at Plaza Park.

Posted by plazapark